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Shipping costs

National Express


Weight ranges Franco Italy Calabria/Sicily Sardinia
From 0.1 kg to 3 kg 8,00 € 12,00 € 12,50 €
From 3.1 kg to 5 kg 8,80 € 12,80 € 13,00 €
From 5.1 kg to 10 kg 10,30 € 14,25 € 14,75 €
From 10.1 kg to 30 kg 13,70 € 20,30 € 24,20 €

International Express


Weight ranges Europe - Zone 1 Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Germany Europe - Zone 2 Denmark, France, United Kingdom Europe - Zone 3 Czech Republic, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia
From 0.1 kg to 3 kg 15,40 € 23,45 € 25,70 €
From 3.1 kg to 5 kg 16,50 € 29,65 € 27,00 €
From 5.1 kg to 10 kg 17,80 € 31,20 € 28,30 €
From 10.1 kg to 30 kg 19,10 € 32,90 € 29,65 €



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The items ordered are carefully packaged by Trendy and are entrusted to the GLS courier service for shipment.

The courier will deliver within approximately 2/4 working days from the date of confirmation of item availability. Deliveries to Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia may require an additional working day. Although we are always trying to improve our service, there may be slight delays during periods such as sales, Black Friday and special promotions. Please contact our customer service for precise information on your delivery area.

The goods are shipped from our Trendy shops in Italy. If the items ordered are not all available at the same point of sale.

If the addressee is absent at the time of delivery, the GLS courier will leave a notice of non-delivery, and will make 2 further attempts (delivery charge € 10).

For goods that cannot be returned to the consignee for any reason not attributable to the carrier, as well as for goods awaiting instructions from the sender, storage will be arranged, against compensation to be agreed in the tariff conditions; any instruction to release the storage will be effective only if in writing. Any redelivery of the goods shall be subject to all costs incurred in connection therewith and shall be treated as a new consignment.

After 5 days of storage in GLS warehouses, undelivered deliveries will be sent back to the sender shop.

You can check the progress of your shipment via the waybill number on the website using the shipment search function. If you would like to know the waybill number of your shipment, please contact us by email at

The shipment is sent to the address you have specified in your order, so we recommend that you provide precise details of your address:


  • Name and surname or company name indicated on your doorbell
  • Address: street, square, etc. without abbreviations
  • House number: always specify, if not present indicate SNC (No house number)
  • Postcode: indicate the specific postcode of your municipality or hamlet
  • Municipality: indicate the name of the municipality and any hamlet
  • Province: indicate the abbreviation of your province

Please provide us with an address where the courier can find someone to collect the package at the time of delivery. If you are unable to receive the parcel at your home address, please give us the address of a person you trust (family, friends) or if possible your workplace.

Upon delivery, we advise you to check that the package is in good condition and without tampering.